Free Talent Checkup


Thanks for your interest in Checkster's Talent Checkup! This is a tool you may use to obtain feedback on yourself, and how your peers or professional contacts see you. This Checkup and the results are not associated with any other organization outside of Checkster, and are for your own personal use and self-development.

Follow the steps below to complete your Checkster Free Talent Checkup:

Your Checkup will be completed automatically once:
- 3 of your raters respond
- Your self-assessment has been submitted

You will receive an email once your results are ready. You can view the full feedback of your completed report by logging back into your account.

If additional raters respond after your Checkup has been completed, please reach out to to generate a new report.

Thank you for using Checkster!

The results of this Checkup will not be sent to any organization. If you are participating in a Reference or Feedback Checkup for an organization that is utilizing Checkster, please use the login link in the email you received.


2. Follow the instructions with your account.


3. Follow up with your raters to ensure completion.

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